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2022 Trent Severn Trail Town Paddle Project






















July 16 Art In The Park, Cenotaph Park Lakefield, ON

9 am - 3 pm

Come and join me with my fellow artists in an intimate setting. Their will be oil, acrylic and watercolor art as well as fabric and glass art. 



Fall Watercolour Classes in Peterborough - stay tuned



Two of my most popular workshops involve painting pets and birds. Two typical workshops (by request) that I taught in the past involved `The Blue Heron`and `The Snowy Owl`.


Two day Portrait workshops are also popular. The first day is all about learning to paint a portrait by painting a portrait of my choice. On the second day you paint a portrait of your choice.


If you would be interested in these workshops or have other ideas to explore your creativity, develop your talent and artistic style, contact me  at 705-657-1470 or

If you would like a watercolour workshop in the Bancroft area call the Art Gallery of  Bancroft at (613) 332-1542 or Email:


Artists are expected to bring their own supplies and a supplies list will be available to registered participants before the workshop. This workshop is intended for beginner to intermediate artists. A materials supply list will be sent out to all artists registered before the workshop.





2021_08_03 Trent Serven Paddle Project DBannisters.png
2020_08_18 Buckhorn Blue Heron DBanniste

Blue Heron


Debra Bannister_Next Year_2021.jpg

Next Year


 Commissions Available Upon Request

2020_09_30 Snowy Owl 11 x 14 DBannister

On The Hunt

15 x 28

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